Broker Benefits

Benefits to Broker
  • Plug and Play  = No need for LFRO filing requirements to State or Association.
  • No separate company (corporation and dba) set-up or filing requirements
  • No Training required
  • Reporting and access to RETURNING agents (incubation / retention)
  • No need to collect fees directly from Agents
  • Directly assigned leads for leads generated by your  LFRO agents
  • Receipt of leads through E-mail or TXT (no log-in required).
  • Ancillary income opportunity.
  • Low cost of entry - pay small annual fee, get all the benefits of referral leads.
All the Agents you bring to Agent Direct Realty, Stay in your "Virtual Office", meaning all the leads they enter into the system, go back directly to you.  You get all the benefits of a Referral Company, without the headache of paperwork associated with reporting these agents, and paying the referral fees to the referring agent.  ADR will handle all the paperwork, including the 1099 at year end.

All this and more, for a low $250 one time fee, and $100 a Year! 
Compare that to what you may be already spending for a referral company (or what you may be missing by not having one)

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Why would my Agents Join such a Program?

Agent Direct Realty allows LFRO agents to retain ability to collect referral fees in Real Estate Transaction without the need for paying associations and desk fees. Hang your Real Estate License here and earn money without being a full time real estate agent.