"Every Broker in American needs to understand how they can use a LFRO Organization to incubate new Realtors.  I have been saying for years to my Franchisor and Broker Clients that a Referral organization such as Agent Direct Realty is an operating requirement in today's environment and it is a great long term stradegy as well."
Rich Rector, Owner Rector Recruiting and Recognized Industry leader on Agent Recruiting

"I was able to make nearly $20,000 in just 2 trnasactions that I placed referrals for while an Agent of Agent Direct Realty - not bad for 15 minutes of work!!"
Flo Burrey, Former Realtor.

"Being a member of Agent Direct Realty is allowing me to get my feet wet a little in the real estate industry.  Once my youngest child starts school, I'll be able to pusue my career, but I mght as well start making the contacts (and money) now with my license."
Jessica Locke, Aspiring Agent

Agent Direct Realty allows LFRO agents to retain ability to collect referral fees in Real Estate Transaction without the need for paying associations and desk fees. Hang your Real Estate License here and earn money without being a full time real estate agent.